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11. As if

  • Present

    • You look as if you are drunk- fact.

    • You look as if you were drunk- non-fact.

  • Past

    • The town looks as if it has been/ was struck by a Tornado.-fact

    • The town looks like as if it had been struck by a Tornado.-non- fact

  • Future

    • He sounds as if he will make a good teacher.- fact

    • He sounds as if he would make a good teacher. Non-fact


12. Subjunctive

  • Mandatory

-present subjunctive

I, you ,he ,she ,it, we, you, they – go,be

-past subjunctive

I, you,… - were (used in conditional)

I insist that wild animals (should) be kept in cages.

  • Formulaic

    • Come what may- niech się stanie co chce

    • Long live the Queen

    • Suffice it to say-wystarczy powiedzieć

    • Be that as it may-mimo tego

    • God forbid-Boże broń

    • So be it- niech tak będzie

    • Far be it for me-daleko jestem od


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