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Ways of putting emphasis :

- really - completely - so-so it is -extremely

- hardly - never - absolutely - sheer nonsense

- utter nonsense - why-why ever - at the very beginning - by no means- not at all

- I do like you - I did see it. – Negative inversion - under no circumstances

- in the least- at all - repeating ( searched and searched)

- What she did next was (to) call the police.

- The alarm clock woke me up.

It was the alarm clock that woke me up.

- Mary rescued me.

It was Mary who rescued me.

- Although it is expensive the ticket is good value for money.

Expensive as/though the ticket may seem it is good value for money.

Negative inversion

- I have never been to England.

Never have I been to England.

- I hardly know him.

Hardly do I know him.

- I don’t care about it.

Little do I care.

1)No sooner had we stepped outside than it started to rain. Hardly/Barely/Scarcely

2) She is so pretty.

She is such a pretty girl.

3) So nice was she that…

Such was her kindness that…

Prepositional Inversion

- A balloon went up to the sky.

Up to the sky went a balloon.

- A young girl sat on the stairs.

On the stairs sat a young girl.

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