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Causative Have, Make, Get

Causative Have, Make, Get.

Have sth done
  1. I want to have my hair cut.

  2. While I was having my hair I had my car stolen.


  • I was given.
  • I was told
  • I was sent.

  1. He gave me a flower.

  2. I was given a flower.

  3. A flower was given to me.

  • make sb do

  • have sb do sth

  • get sb to do sth

1) get used to sth, get accustomed to- przyzwyczaić się

I was hit by a branch.-accident.

I was hit with a branch.-instrument

  1. We went into the room.

The room was entered.

  1. We arrived at the hotel.

The hotel was reached.

  1. We arrived at the conclusion.

A conclusion was arrived at.

4) A friend gave me the information.

I was given the information.

I have the information given to me.

The information was given to me.

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