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5. When we don’t change times

  • After present tenses

She says she is hungry

She has said she is hungry

  • Immediate reporting

She said she is hungry

  • General truths, proverbs, wise, sayings, after past cont.



accuse- sb of doing sth

agree- with sb/sth, to do sth

decide to do sth

insist on sth/doing sth

refuse to do sth, sth

admit to doing sth,

apologize to sb for doing sth, to sb for sth

deny sth, doing sth/that

offer sth to sb, to do sth

remind sb of sb/sth

advise sb to do sth

confess to sth, to doing sth, sth to sb

doubt sth, that

promise sth to sb, to do sth

suggest sth to sb, doing sth

demand to do sth

prefer sb to do sth

propose doing sth

recommend sb to do , doing sth

request sb to do sth

urgue sb to do sth


7. Modal verbs in Reported speech

1) What will you do if Ken is too late?- would

2) What shall I do if Ken is late?-should

3) He might/could have trouble with his car after all- unchanged-probability

4) He should/ought to be here in good time- unchanged

5) You must have strange ideas about Ken- unchanged

6) I must catch the plane.-had to

7) If Ken is late I must ( will have to) order a taxi.-would have to

8) You mustn’t order a taxi.-wasn’t allowed to

9) Helen needn’t worry- didn’t have ( need) to worry

10) I didn’t need to go back to my office after lunch.- hadn’t needed

11) I needn’t have worried after all.-unchanged

12) I couldn’t tell you before.-past ability.



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