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13. Reported speech


Simple Present – Past simple

Present Continuous – Past Continuous

Present Perfect- Past Perfect

Present Perf. Continuous- Past Perf. Continuous

Past Simple- Past Perfect

Future- Would – Future in the Past

Future Continuous- in the past

Conditional- usually won’t change

Past perfect- won’t change




Where are you going?

He asked me where I was going.

Do you like me?

He asked me if I liked him?


3. Orders, requests, commands


“Come here”-she said

She told me to come there.

“Don’t smoke”

She asked me not to smoke.



yesterday- the day before, the previous day

today- that day

the day before yesterday- two days before

-tomorrow- the following day, the next day

- next week- the following week

-last week- the previous week

- a year ago- a year before

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