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Present simple and present continuous



-intention(action) – I am thinking of moving to Paris




I am smelling roses, they smell sweet.


-Why are you looking at me so sadly?

-Why do you look so sad?




I am tasting a soup its taste sour.


Gramatyka praktyczna

Present Simple

-regular periods of time, systemically repeated actions,routines

  • every day, usually, always

I wake up at 8 o’clock every day.

-time table, schedule

Bus leaves the station at 8 o’clock.

-general truth

Water boils in 100 C.

-feelings- like, love

I like you very much.

-future plans according to a timetable



-permanent situations

He wears glasses.

-say quotation

What does the notice say?

It says no parking

-commentary (jokes,stories)

He runs out of the corner, he kicks the ball, he scores the goal.


When the weathers is good people go for a walk.

When, If + Present Simple


If she is rich, she will buy a big house.

If, When + Present Simple Future

Gramatyka praktyczna

Present Continuous

-the action is happening at the moment of speaking

  • now, just,right now,at the moment

-personal plans for the future

-things happening in a period around now

You are working hard today.

Yes I have a lot to do.


The situation in Poland is getting better and better.


I am always losing my keys.

-background action


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